This DVD was created as the result of repeated student requests for me to create something that would help them keep practicing when classes were in session. I began this project in 2013 and launched a Kickstarter campaign in 2014 to raise the funds to finish it. This was a labor of love and I hope that you enjoy it and use it frequently!


3 things you can do to establish a home practice:


1. Create an area in your home that is set up just for practice at all times.

This could mean just enough room to roll out a  yoga mat, a corner of a room or a larger space. It will help your practice immensely to be able to step into a space that is already set up.

2. Make a strong effort to practice at the same time of day when you practice yoga.

The optimal time to practice is just before dawn during the Ambrosial Hours between 4-7AM. Second to that practicing between 4-7PM in the evening is recommended. If your schedule doesn't allow you to practice at these times, that's fine, just try to be consistent with the time of day you that do choose. 

3. Place something meaningful to you in your practice space.

This can be a picture of a great teacher, a photograph of nature, or a mandala. It could be a candle, a statue, or a shell you found at the beach. It can be anything that helps you focus; encourages you and reminds you why you are making the time and effort to practice yoga.